Meet the Premiership Blogger Team

We’ve received a tremendous response to the call for bloggers to join the EPL Talk Community. After a lot of review, here are the five bloggers who’ll be featured at

BillEShears: Listeners to the Football Weekly Podcast by The Guardian will be familiar with this American who always has something interesting to share. The Michigan resident frequently writes on The Guardian Sport Blog, and is already a regular contributor to the forums inside the EPL Talk Community. BillEShears is taking a year off before doing a History PhD program in the States.

The Scout: Many of you may already be familiar with The Scout, the Winnipeg resident who has been an EPL Talk Correspondent for several months now after writing for the EPL Talk Magazine, this blog and over at His writing and research results in very factual and detailed reports, and we look forward to seeing him shine once again for us.

Squid: A resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and a huge Sheffield Wednesday supporter, Squid (real name John Griffin) was recently featured in the EPL Talk Email Newsletter with his story about how he became a Wednesday fan.

Thor: A film and historical researcher, Tim Horsburgh (aka Thor) is an avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter who recently moved to Chicago from London. Even though he currently works at the Chicago Film Archives, Thor still finds plenty of time to watch Fox Soccer Channel.

Brad Hudson: The Dallas resident is an Arsenal fan and Sergeant in Arms for While the Gunners is in his heart, he’ll aims to keep his blog from becoming Arsenal centric. A tech writer by trade, we’re looking forward to seeing his contributions.

Thank you for all five for volunteering their time to write. A couple of them have already written some great posts (check them out at

In the meantime, we have several other people waiting in the wings to write blogs in the future. If one or more of the bloggers “retire” from writing in the future, we’ll call on the next person who has expressed an interest in writing.

Editor’s Note: We’re now accepting “applications” for additional spots on the EPL Talk Blog. If you’re interested, email me at [email protected] If you’ve already applied in the past and weren’t selected for the first five, I’ll follow up with you directly within the next 24 hours.


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