ITVN Unveils On Demand Programming for Footy Fans

Excellent news this evening. ITVN, the company that offers Setanta Sports via a high speed internet connection to your TV, has added an “On Demand” feature to its offering.

While the set top box that ITVN provides doesn’t provide recording capabilities, the “On Demand” feature will allow ITVN subscribers to watch games after they’ve completed. This will especially be helpful during those weekday Champions League matches when many of us are working and away from our TV sets.

Some of you may remember that EPL Talk was the first to interview Setanta Sports and ITVN about the Premiership availability. If you don’t have a satellite dish and you want to watch as many of the Premiership games as possible, click on the banner at the top of the page to sign up for ITVN. You’ll be supporting EPL Talk for doing so.


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