Fox Testing the Streaming of Live Football Matches

While Setanta Broadband has been available since earlier this year, Fox Soccer Channel has started testing the streaming of live matches via its web site,

The first test was conducted this past weekend for the Denmark against Northern Ireland match. The next test will be Wednesday’s Euro 2008 qualifier between Iceland and Sweden. You can access the webcast page here. The technology FSC is using is impressive and the quality is very decent.

Fox is using a player from a company named Vividas. The player is easy to install (download only takes a few seconds on broadband) and when it plays video, it takes up the entire screen. That’s great for most users, but some people may want to surf and watch a match at the same time.

While the test is a great idea by Fox, what will be more interesting is what matches will be available by broadband in the future. FSC obviously has the broadband rights to show certain Euro 2008 qualifier matches, but what about the Premiership? Could this be a glimpse of how Fox will provide their entertainment in the future? Will this continue to be available for free, or will Fox charge a subscription fee similar to Setanta Broadband?

Read more news about it from Fox Soccer Channel here.


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