TalkSport Wins EPL Radio Rights Package in UK

TalkSport scored a huge coup today after it won a rights package to broadcast Premiership matches in the UK starting next season through 2012-2013.

Currently, BBC’s Radio Five Live owns the rights, but beginning next season they’ll be sharing them with TalkSport, the national commercial station. Read more information at the following article: Guardian Unlimited Football News TalkSport wins Premiership radio rights package.

What does this mean for Premiership fans outside the UK? Not much if TalkSport blocks listeners from hearing the broadcasts via their live streaming audio on their web site. But perhaps the cash infusion which will come from advertisers will enable TalkSport to offer more football programming that we can listen to. We’ll have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “TalkSport Wins EPL Radio Rights Package in UK”

  1. This really is problem for people that was using TalkSport to listen to updates all around England and not just the Premiership. Chances are they will be replaying the old Liverpool Champions League final over and over while live matches are being aired. We won’t have any outlet for live audio updates.

  2. Kevin:

    Excellent point. TalkSport is the only legal source of Premiership news from around the grounds via internet radio for people outside the UK — other than subscriptions to club sites or unpredictable broadcasts from local stations in the UK.

    The Gaffer

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