England's Under 21 Squad Provides Hope for Future

While I’m nervous about England’s chances against Croatia Wednesday night, I’m more hopeful for England’s future after watching the highlights of the under-21’s team 2-0 win against the German youngsters.

Two fantastic goals from Arsenal’s Theo Walcott sealed the victory. Why Eriksson didn’t give Theo a run-out against Portugal, I don’t know. His speed, skill and accuracy are fantastic. He shows glimpses of Michael Owen andThierry Henry all rolled into one. If you get a chance to watch the highlights from this match, go ahead and do so. You’ll see some bright young hopes for England.

Meanwhile, Aston Villa’s Agbonlahor was in fine form down the right wing and Preston’s David Nugent impressed again. But let’s not forget manager Peter Taylor’s contributions. He’s a brilliant manager with a lot of experience at clubs like Leicester, Hull City, Gillingham and other clubs.

Note: Through the magic of YouTube, or will it be GoogleTube soon, and the hard work of Ronaldo Assis de Moreira from the 101 Great Goals Blog, here are the links to the two Walcott goals.

One thought on “England's Under 21 Squad Provides Hope for Future”

  1. Just saw the score of the England game at Croatia. God almighty. England and Spain totally deserve the prestigious title of the the footballing IDIOTS of Europe. There is a bigger chance of aliens landing on earth within the next fifty years than any of these two nations winning the euro or World Cup. And both Spain and England have talent(eventhough the lumberjacks are in the majority in the English national team), and both these countries have the best domestic leagues in the world.
    Again-England and Spain are the footballing IDIOTS of Europe.

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