GolTV Debuts Excellent "Soccer Academy" Program

During the EPL drought for the next 10 days, I thoroughly recommend you watch a new program to American airwaves entitled “Soccer Academy,” which airs on GolTV.

The program is a fascinating glimpse inside the real-world of a football academy and what the teenagers have to go through to realize their dream of playing professional football. The French documentary captures the mood and hunger that these young stars have, and the program guides the viewer through the adventure until we get to see which players make it.

One of the reasons why the program is so well done is that it evokes fond memories for myself, and I’m sure many people, of their desire as a youngster to play professional football for a living. As like many young kids, that dream never materialized, but we can live through the hopes and dreams of these French starlets.

The documentary is interspersed with interviews as Zidane, Deschamps, Desailly, Thuram and others offer their insight and their own memories of what it was like in the academy when they were younger.

While the program is new to American TV, it debuted in May in France. The program begins with a set of players entering the academy for FC Nantes, one of the most historical clubs in France.

Check your local TV listings for “Soccer Academy.” The five-part program is being shown throughout the week on GolTV.


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