The Story Behind The EPL Acronym


When is the Premiership referred to as the English Premier League (or the acronym EPL)? The answer is when it’s typically referenced by people outside the UK.

The Premier League markets the world’s most popular sports league as the English Premier League, which makes total sense because there are several other forms of football that use the “Premier League” description (Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Wales, just to name a few).

If you don’t believe me, here are two examples of the EPL reference from Patrick Barclay at The Daily Telegraph, and Australian striker Scott McDonald.

Surprisingly, the topic of the “EPL” name usually generates quite a bit of controversy.

3 thoughts on “The Story Behind The EPL Acronym”

  1. I personally prefer the term “Premiership” over “EPL”, just because that term is simply not used in England — you will never hear EPL used on BBC, ITV or Sky…only on channels like FSC.

    Interstingly, the Scottish Premier League is freely called the SPL in Scotland without any controversy.

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