Premiership Refs Made Critical Errors

Unfortunately this was not a good weekend for referees in the Premiership.

In the Bolton against Liverpool match, the free kick that led to Bolton’s first goal should never have counted when Jose Pepe Reina came nowhere close to handling the ball outside of the penalty area while he was booting it upfield. How the assistant referee messed that one up, I do not know.

In the same match, Bolton’s Faye elbowed Dirk Kuyt in the head requiring the Dutch striker to enter the training room during the match to receive more than eight staples in his head. Faye didn’t even receive a yellow card.

Of course, then there’s the flagrant dive by Didier Zokora for Spurs against Portsmouth. While the dive resulted in a penalty that secured the win for Spurs, Zokora will not win many admirers in the English Premier League with cheating like that. Let’s hope he doesn’t continue this trend. Otherwise he’ll be booed by away and neutral fans just as much as Diouf from Bolton.

There was talk of blatant penalty decisions not being awarded in the Chelsea against Aston Villa match, but I unfortunately missed those incidents.

In fairness to the referees, they’re judging these decisions without the aid of TV replays. We’re at a unique, and unfair, advantage over the refs where we can judge the decision made in mere seconds. Harry Redknapp, especially, was furious at the Premier League for not allowing refs to use modern technology to resolve such critical calls. And in terms of the Zokora dive, it looked like a foul to me when I saw it in real-time. Only by watching the TV replay was I able to see that it was a clear dive.

The headline writers at The Times newspaper saw the funnier side of the matter. Their headline: Tottenham In The Diving Seat.

What are your thoughts? Is it time for the Premier League to introduce technology to make decisions about critical moments during a match?


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