Top 10 Premiership Goals So Far This Season

I need your help to determine what are the top 10 Premiership goals so far this season. Here are the obvious candidates, but let me know which ones we’re missing. These, right now, are in no particular order:

  • Drogba’s scintillating twist, turn and rocket for Chelsea against Liverpool.
  • Xabi Alonso’s wonderful long-range lob from 70 yards for Liverpool against Newcastle.
  • Arsenal‘s beautiful interplay between Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and goalscorer William Gallas for the Gunners against Sheffield United.
  • The one-two between Tim Cahill and Andrew Johnson for Everton against Watford, which led to AJ’s precise goal.
  • Ivan Campos long-range daisycutter for Bolton against Spurs.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Premiership Goals So Far This Season”

  1. To me, Agger’s is the best so far, a brilliant strike, with Drogba’s not far behind. Even though it wasn’t a league game, I also thought Riise’s coast to coast goal against Chelsea in the Charity Shield match was quite good.

  2. For a start you can add Frank Lampard’s 2nd goal against Fulham last Saturday and Dids goal against Liverpool goes without saying as he ‘mugged’ up that stupid scouser, Carragher

  3. In no particular order:
    Agger v. West Ham
    Xabi v. Newcastle
    Riise v. Spurs
    Drogba v. L’pool
    Gallas v. Sheffield Utd
    Campo v. Spurs
    AJ v. Spurs

  4. My top 5 are:

    1) Drogba v Liverpool – best goal so far
    2) Ronaldo v Fulham (brilliant sidefoot volley on the run)
    3) Agger v West Ham
    4) Riise v Spurs
    5) Campo v Spurs

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