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Here are a few random thoughts and pieces of news for fans of Premiership clubs.

First, I’m concerned by Bolton manager Sam Allardyce’s body language after his press conference on Friday. He looks visibly shaken and you can easily see that the pressure is having an effect on him already. To me, this was a surprise. I was not expecting to see Big Sam respond this way, and he must be under incredible pressure. Sadly, I really feel this is going to have a negative impact on Bolton.

Second, good news for ITVN customers who are on the East Coast of the U.S. ITVN is now offering two feeds of Setanta Sports, which you’ll see by the ‘Play 1’ and ‘Play 2’ buttons on the Setanta/ITVN page. ‘Play 2’ should have an improved picture for people on the East Coast with less latency.

Third, I finally got a chance tonight to watch “Once In A Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of The New York Cosmos.” Fantastic documentary, and it gives us hope of how big the game can get in America. After watching the film, I believe what the U.S. needs now is to host the World Cup. With South Africa’s chances of hosting the 2010 World Cup dwindling, it could be perfect timing for the U.S. to step in.


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