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Chat with Football Fans Worldwide Every Saturday

brazilfans Chat with Football Fans Worldwide Every SaturdayThere are lots of exciting developments happening behind-the-scenes at EPL Talk. As soon as the deals and arrangements are confirmed, I’ll be sure to let you know. But it’ll definitely be good news for EPL-mad fans such as yourself.

In the meantime, I want to remind you to mark your calendar for this Saturday (and every Saturday) at 7:30am ET onwards. I’ll be hosting a live online chat via webcam from the homepage of the EPL Talk web site (check out the “Stickam” player near the center of the page).

Why chat online you may ask? Well for many of us who are watching the matches at home, you can chat with fellow fans from around the world as the action unfolds on TV. Last Saturday we had football fans chatting from Jamaica, Japan and all across America. For example, last weekend we had a great discussion about memories of terracing at football matches and away fans being stuck in “pens,” segregated areas fenced in to avoid hooligans fighting. Especially interesting was the Tokyo Toffeeman’s vivid flashbacks to Everton’s Goodison Park and how it differed in the late 70s compared to now.

(Plus you can get a glimpse of EPL Talk headquarters and see, if you’re lucky, the two Brazilian cleaning girls who made a surprise visit a fortnight ago; ahem pictured above).

If you’re front of a computer, we hope to see you online this Saturday! The early kick-off is Liverpool against Spurs at 7:30am ET, followed by Chelsea and Fulham, and Arsenal versus Sheffield United at 10am ET, then the Reading against Man United match at Noon ET, and Aston Villa versus Charlton at 2:15pm ET.

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3 Responses to Chat with Football Fans Worldwide Every Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beats me how the gaffer manages to watch two Premiership games simultaneously whilst chatting away with fans worldwide, interacting with wife & child and making sure the cleaners don’t walk off with the family silver. Not to mention coping with ITVN buffering and adjustment of the tv to stop the glare from the screen ruining our enjoyment. Talk about multi-tasking!What a hero!

  2. eplnfl says:

    The chat is great sorry I missed it las week. I was out of town. Any chance of talk on sundays.

  3. The Gaffer says:


    I can definitely have the chat switched on for Sunday.

    In the meantime, feel free to spread the word on the message boards so we can get more people to try the chat for the first time.

    The Gaffer

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