Could Bung Allegations Ruin Allardyce and Redknapp?

I spoke to my cousin who lives in London yesterday about the upcoming Panorama documentary from BBC and the potential scandal it may cause by revealing how prevalent bungs are in the Premiership.

His verdict was that it’s not going to make that much of a difference no matter how explicit the issue may be. His take is that the Premiership is too big of a business in Britain to be impacted by such revelations. If anything, some people inside the game may get a slap on the wrist but that’s about it.

The Panorama episode, “Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets,” is scheduled to air on the BBC on Tuesday at 4pm ET. Unfortunately it won’t be available via the BBC web site, but a condensed version is supposed to be made available (and possibly a transcript of the complete show). More information about the Panorama episode is available here. And you can read the undercover coach’s story here.

And now comes the news that Sam Allardyce is planning on fighting back against the BBC’s revelations. While Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp discussed the allegations in last Saturday’s press conference, Big Sam has now gone on the attack.

The Times newspaper, meanwhile, is reporting that the Premier League may decide on October 2nd to deprive clubs of their use of agents. Read the story here.

Suffice to say, September 19th will be an interesting day in the history of English football. Let’s see what develops and what impact it may have, if any, on the league we love.

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