Thoughts on Sunday's Premiership Clashes

Well, we always thought this Premiership season was going to be close, and after this weekend’s matches we now have proof of that.

While the Chelsea against Liverpool match left a bitter taste in my mouth, the Manchester United against Arsenal battle was another experience altogether. Beautiful flowing football, combined with sublime skills and plenty of drama, this was a match of REAL English football.

The less said about the Chelsea Liverpool match the better. Drogba’s amazing turn and volley is what separated the sides, and what an incredible goal it was. Liverpool, meanwhile, will be hanging their head in shame after having so many chances to clinch this match.

As with previous Chelsea against Liverpool league matches, the display on the field was anticlimatic. Whenever I watched Chelsea in this match, they seemed to be just walking around the park, while Liverpool were venomous — but impotent — in attack.

Back to the United against Arsenal match, what a shame that Fox waited until the third minute of the match to show the United lineup, and disturbed the action again in the sixth minute when they showed the Arsenal lineup on-screen. It reminds me of ESPN and ABC’s antics from the World Cup.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Sunday's Premiership Clashes”

  1. I thought Chelsea were just plain ruthless as they always are (at home) in the league under Jose. Beneathus showed once again he doesn’t know what his best team is from one week to the next. Man U flattered to deceive against Spurs and got their just desserts in this clash with slowly but surely improving Arsenal. Midfield of O’Shea, Fletcher & Scholes with Carrick on the bench? Not going to win anything. Loved every moment of both games!

  2. I’m surprised that no-one commented on Adebayour’s “penalty.” I believe FSWR report is using it in their new feature: “Dive of the week.”

    I can’t figure out Carrick on bench either, but my lip reading classes paid off watching Lehman and O’Shea chatting about the game


  3. Every country but England is represented at Arsenal, hows that “English Football”?

    English football is much more closely aligned with chelsea v liverpool, and the snore fest they produced. Very timid, uncertain, lacking of confidence. It took a wonder goal from Drogba, of lancashire?, to bring any quality to it. Thank God for the imports!

  4. Im confused, Chelsea v Liverpool the less said the better? Than why the lead article by a chelsea partisan? If less said the better, dont say it!

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