Setanta Announces Champions League Coverage

While many of you who are already Setanta customers have been enjoying the Chelsea against Werder Bremen and Arsenal against Hamburg matches the past couple of days, Setanta Sports has announced more details regarding its Champions League coverage.

First, Setanta Broadband (different than ITVN, and reviewed in issue two of the EPL Talk Magazine) will be offering a minimum of 55 Champions League matches during the 2006/2007 season.

Second, Setanta Sports will be showing one live and two same day coverage matches of the Champions League on matchdays.

3 thoughts on “Setanta Announces Champions League Coverage”

  1. I contacted Setanta earlier this week, and they said there’s no confirmation yet.

    As soon as we have an update, we’ll post it to this blog.

    The Gaffer

  2. It’s been interesting this week to see Fox letting the College games run to their conclusion with the FSWR starting between 10 and 30 minutes late. If nothing else is demonstrating to me the INSANITY of having a college game with a draft to the MLS. It’s the kind of thinking that gives idiots a bad name. Many top players in the EPL etc have played 3 seasons before they get to college age. NO wonder the MLS has ZERO hope of ever creating the basis of a watchable, world class league. You can’t replace 6-7 years. It’s been brought up on FFF each of the last 3 weeks but really…! There’s no hope of a relegation & promotion system, and I’ve heard nothing of a single 12-16 team league. Although I agree 100% with what Nick Geber says, it’s about time FSC got to grips with the MLS owners and did some interviews on FSWR.

    I have to assume that in the long run FSC and even Setanta can’t exist on ex-Pats or US viewers watching EPL/ La liga/Serie A etc., indefinitely. You’d think it would be in their interest to do everything they could to improve the MLS and get the EPL experts to bang the MLS organizers heads together.

    By the way the standard in those college and women’s soccer games mostly sucks.

    Why do I care? Because I need both Channels to be healthy in order from to continue to get access to BRILLIANT EPL coverage we’re getting. I don’t want to lose it.

    End of Rant

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