Warning Signs for English Clubs in Champions League

Based on the performances by the leading English teams so far this season, they’re going to have a difficult time in the latest round of Champions League matches beginning today.

Arsenal is playing well in terms of passing the ball around, but is unable to score with Henry looking nothing like the threat that he’s been in the past. Liverpool is far too inconsistent, and their defence is a leaky as a sieve. Chelsea is still trying to regain its form and fluid style of play, and they look vulnerable in the back. And Manchester United, while winning all of their matches, have yet to play against tough opposition.

It’s entirely possible that Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal will drop points in their matches today and tomorrow, while Manchester United is the only one that should win all three points against a much weaker Celtic side. PSV Eindhoven, Werder Bremen and Hamburg are no walks in the park, and the English teams will have to play smart football in these opening matches.

Despite the uphill climb, it’s imperative that the English clubs gain maximum points today and tomorrow.

My predictions: PSV Eindhoven 1-0 Liverpool, Chelsea 0-0 Werder Bremen, Hamburg 2-1 Arsenal and Manchester United 2-0 Celtic. Feel free to share your predictions by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link below.

3 thoughts on “Warning Signs for English Clubs in Champions League”

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  2. Yep, *blush*, my master plan of casting doubt against the English teams worked as none of them lost 😉

    However, I predicted United would beat Celtic, which they did. I thought PSV would eek out a win against Liverpool. Despite hitting the crossbar early in the match, the end result was a pretty awful 0-0 tie.

    Arsenal overcame Hamburg with an *unbelievable* rocket by Tomas Rosicky. I predicted a 2-1 win for Hamburg.

    Chelsea, meanwhile, comfortably defeated a very depleted Werder Bremen side 2-0.

    The Gaffer

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