Fantasy Football League Standings for EPL Talk

In the EPL Talk fantasy football league, there are no changes in the top two positions after this weekend’s matches, but the Dragons (managed by CJ Pedler) drops out of the top five, while The Scouts (managed by Lonnie Smetana) enters the top five for the first time.

Out of 61 teams competing, here are the top five managers:

1. ROCKFISH UNITED; David Griffith, 255 pts
2. Gratefullawyer; Wayne Novick, 247 pts
3. Wildwood United; Jaime Gutierrez, 230 pts
4. Bloody Yanks; Jeremy Lay, 215 pts
5. TheScouts; Lonnie Smetana, 212 pts

If you’d like to join the EPL Talk fantasy football league, read this page for more information.

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