Excellent Weekend for Americans in Premiership

Before Reading’s match today against Manchester City, left winger – and American – Bobby Convey said it best:

“It will be cool to play in a big game – the only game on the night. Night games under lights are always the most exciting ones. People back in the States will be working, as it will be two or three o’clock then, but they always have it on tape for later. Every time I go home more and more people know who I am and who I play for.”

Judging by his performance tonight, even more people will recognize him after a beautiful curling left-foot free kick resulted in a header by Ivar Ingimarsson, leading to the only goal in the match. It was also a great night for goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann, too. Both were buoyed by a surprisingly loud Reading crowd.

On Saturday, Brian McBride and Carlos Bocanegra scored the two Fulham goal’s in their surprise 2-1 win at Newcastle.

3 thoughts on “Excellent Weekend for Americans in Premiership”

  1. It was great to see the Americans do so well this weekend. Claudio Reyna even looked pretty good. The Reading crowd always seems really loud and I think they support thier team very well.

    I can’t wait for the day that the U.S. uncovers a world-class striker. Someone that can dominate a league like MLS and be an everyday starter for a Premiership side. That will change a lot of the perception of soccer in this country.

  2. I’ve said since the beginning of the season that the Reading fans will be the loudest. This is because they are cherrishing this more than any club in the EPL.

  3. The Reading-City match was great for the American’s. Coming from Chicago I’ve had my eyes on Fulham for two years now with Brian being from Chicago and Carlos being a former member of the Chicago Fire.

    A world class striker would be great for the USMNT.

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