Reality Shock for Current State of the Premiership

Journalist Patrick Barclay, always a sense of reason, has a very interesting article in today’s Sunday Telegraph entitled “Bring Down This Crazy Facade.” In the article, he rips apart the current state of the Premiership in terms of the enormous debt, West Ham’s two new “free” transfers, and the behind-the-scenes business dealings and transparency for football clubs. It’s definitely a sobering article.

One thought on “Reality Shock for Current State of the Premiership”

  1. Basically the article has good points about the politics and bungling incompetence of football authorities. However, he has no clue about what drives business. Revenue is king. He should check in with Donald trump re creating a marketing lead empire and debt management. For me the key is generating excitment, making it cool for big money investors, etc. If a big enough stage is created they will come. Gate receipts from next 4 ManU home games alone are already $16m. I’m glad I live in the USA so I don’t have to deal with miseries like him or the weather that creates them. I’m going to enjoy every minute of what is already turning out to be a great EPL season. End of Rant.


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