Harry Redknapp to Appear in Undercover Interview

One week from today, the BBC will broadcast a documentary from their TV show called Panorama which will allegedly open wide the topic and controversy of bungs (i.e. illegal payments) in the Premiership transfer business.

Interestingly, the BBC decided to create a fictitious agency that had U.S. funding. Thanks BBC. But for more insight into the upcoming piece, read this interesting article about Luton manager Mike Newell and the latest developments.

The article states that the fictitious agency had a meeting with Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp, who says in The Sun that he has nothing to fear and that he’ll go after the BBC if they don’t have their facts correct. Funnily enough, Redknapp lives on Panorama Road (no relation to the TV show), a so-called millionaire’s row.

One thought on “Harry Redknapp to Appear in Undercover Interview”

  1. Well i would go after the BBC if they got any thing wrong too!!

    As for meeting someone, the dude meets a lot of people!!

    This isnt NEWS isnt a Story, just a load of if’s, but’s and maybe’s.

    Tho if there are provent bungs (and thinking about the english football there probabley are a LOT) Harry maybe in the middle of it, being from the old school. But CANT say it without the FACTS, and I would hope after ALL these YEARS of Harry playing the game he would be able to keep his hands clean.

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