Spurs Match to be Aired on Setanta Sports


This year’s UEFA Cup promises to be more interesting than in previous years especially with the West Ham United saga and Tottenham’s entry into the tournament.

Here’s the match that will be shown next week on Setanta Sports:

Thursday, Sept 14, 2:30pm ET:
Slavia Prague v Tottenham Hotspur

With next week’s Champions League matches as well as the UEFA Cup game, it’s going to be a busy week for football fans beginning this Saturday.

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22 thoughts on “Spurs Match to be Aired on Setanta Sports”

  1. Don’t listen to the muppet @ 4:16. Spurs have a deal with ITV for all their HOME games to be shown between ITV1 and ITV4, up to a certain stage in the competition. Thursday’s away tie is to be shown live on Channel FIVE, after the live barcodes game.

  2. Setanta owns ESPN in the Unites States of Bush. ET stands for Eastern Time (New York, Boston, etc.). It’s just for their benefit.

  3. Reidy, I’ve just checked the Channel 5 and ITV websites, and it’s as I said at 4:48. The spammers are on ITV4, Spurs on 5.

  4. Setanta owns ESPN in the Unites States of Bush.

    Setanta has NOTHING to do with ESPN. ESPN is owned by Walt Disney.

    A monthly subcription can be paid to watch the Setanta channel on Directv (One of the US’ Satelitte TV services) and ONLY on Directv.

  5. ‘Unlike Arsenal’s great European
    pedigree over the previous decades!?’ It’s probably wise for you to look in the record books, you won the fairs cup and cup winners cup… that’s a great record isn’t you idiot!

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