Join us in the English Premier League Chat this Weekend


This Saturday, starting at 7:30am ET, you’re invited to join EPL Talk and other readers in an online chat while we watch the biggest day of the Premiership season yet.

Here’s the schedule:
Everton v Liverpool, 7:30am ET
Arsenal v Middlesbrough, 10am ET
Chelsea v Charlton, 10am ET
Man United v Spurs, Noon ET
Sheff Utd v Blackburn, 2:15pm ET
Newcastle v Fulham, 2:30pm ET

The last chat we did, a couple of weeks ago, was a triumphant success with Premiership viewers joining in from around the world including Japan, Australia and throughout the US.

If you want to see what you’re missing, visit on Saturday morning and click on the Stickam player near the center of the page. You’ll then see a pop-up window where you can type in your handle, and participate in a live chat with me and tens of footie fans worldwide. Plus, I’ll have the webcam on so you can see what’s going on at EPL Talk headquarters! ; )

3 thoughts on “Join us in the English Premier League Chat this Weekend”

  1. The chat was great, really missed it last week with no EPL action. I hope to be on right at match time. Having the chat room gives the fan a whole new experience. Keep up the great work.

  2. I posted this further down too, but I was really amazed by this. Now in addition to the live chat you can watch 3 live games starting Sept 16.

    (Gaffer, I sent you an email re STA ch 670. You can ignore it … you probably planned to do that anyway!)

    I noticed that some EPL games were on STA ch 670 (setanta alternate channel). I didn’t know what it was and first time I didn’t get an answer from DirectTV. Now I have. Others may not know this but it’s great news.

    As a subcriber to Sentanta on 615, you also get 670 STA (Setanta Alternative) in the same package at no extra cost. I believe that mostly it has the same programming, however on each of the last 3 September Saturdays there is a differnent game on each Stetanta channel as the blog shows. I.e we can now choose from or watch all 3 EPL games live sumultaneously !!!!!!
    (providing you have 3 set top boxes or DVR feeds)

    All for $14.99 per month!

    Hopefully they will sort out their glitches by then (no game clock on today’s Euro games, for instance)

    regards, LACF

  3. The worst part of the chat is i cant buy a round of beers but if Setanta can figure the technology out ill spring for a round

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