ITVN Enhances Their Technology for Soccer Fans


I’m in football heaven right now. After one of those long days where all you want to do is go home and sink into your couch and put your feet up, I switched on ITVN and was pleasantly surprised to see that the new update is available. At the same time, I’m watching the Setanta feed of the France versus Italy qualifier played earlier today, and what a fantastic match it is.

Regarding the new ITVN software upgrade, after following the easy-to-understand instructions and waiting approximately 60 minutes, the brand new interface was loaded and the look-and-feel of ITVN now looks a hundred times better.

For example, there’s now a “Quick Launch” button from the main ITVN screen where you can go directly to Setanta instead of navigating through the menus like you previously had to.

The menus, meanwhile, have been updated and are easier to read and navigate. What’s more, new features are available such as the Starz and Encore movie channels, a music channel with 1200 radio stations from around the world, a huge music video library with more than 1,000 titles, and even a karaoke feature that includes approximately 3,000 songs.

If you’re not a ITVN customer yet, the new features (available at an additional cost) are definitely very tempting especially if you love watching movies, listening to music, playing music videos or having fun with karaoke.

ITVN, by the way, provides a set top box that you put on top of your TV. Plug your cable from your broadband modem into the set top box, and you can watch Setanta Sports for a monthly fee of $15. If you sign up for a 12 month agreement, you get the receiver for free. Installation is easy and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Order ITVN and get Setanta Sports via this link today.

In the meantime, I spoke with ITVN tonight about the screensaver feature which some readers complained about previously. Thanks to your feedback, they’ve decided to remove the screensaver feature, which may already have been put into effect. If not, it’ll be removed by tomorrow.

The folks at ITVN welcome your feedback. Feel free to post your comments here — either positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll be sure they hear from you.


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