Quality of Premiership Podcasts Improving


While we talk a lot about the quantity and quality of football shown on the three soccer networks in America, one thing we often overlook is how other types of coverage have improved.

Take, for example, podcasts. The number of quality football podcasts is continuing to increase. A year ago, there was hardly anything available. Now there are more than two dozen.

The EPL Talk Podcast debuted in April, 2006, and we just released the latest version, which features an in-depth interview with Gary Richards from The 2 G’s radio show.

Speaking of The 2 G’s, co-host Graham Bell just released a new audio documentary entitled “The Day My Team Came to Tinseltown,” which is very well done. It reminds me of the documentaries you often hear on the BBC World Service. In this case, Bell talks about Chelsea’s visit to Los Angeles for pre-season training. Bell does a brilliant job at mixing in appropriate music, audio from interviews, and puts his experience in the music and radio industry to good measure by producing a top rate segment. Whether you’re a Chelsea fan or not, be sure to listen to it.

2 thoughts on “Quality of Premiership Podcasts Improving”

  1. Kate:

    Good question. You can listen to the podcast episode through iTunes, and listen to it anytime you want.

    If you don’t have iTunes, you can listen to the 24/7 streaming audio from the Champions Soccer Radio Network by clicking on the link from http://www.the2gs.com

    The Gaffer

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