September Will Be A Month To Remember for Prem Fans


You waited forever for the new Premiership season to start, and then you’ve had to endure the past week with no Premiership coverage. Thankfully, September awaits and it promises to be one of the best EPL months in recent memory especially due to the recent transfer activity and how close the league will be this year.

This Saturday promises to be a classic with the Liverpool derby at 7:30am ET, followed by Chelsea versus Charlton and Arsenal against Middlesbrough at 10am. And then it’s the most anticipated match featuring Man United at home against Spurs. On Sunday, we’re treated to West Ham against Aston Villa (who won’t be watching that one?). Reading against Man City on Monday will be very intriguing to see the Royals at home and whether DeMarcus Beasley will get any playing time for City.

Here is the latest schedule for the Premiership matches to be shown on Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports. You’ll notice there are a few TBD’s in there. As soon as we get the revised schedules, we’ll update this listing for you.

Saturday, Sept 9, 7:30am; Everton v Liverpool (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 9, 10am;
Arsenal v Middlesbrough (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 9, 10am; Chelsea v Charlton (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 9, Noon;
Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 9, 2:30pm;
Sheffield United v Blackburn (tape delayed) (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 9, 4pm; Newcastle v Fulham [tape-delayed] (Setanta)
Sunday, Sept 10, 11am;
West Ham United v Aston Villa (Fox Soccer Channel)
Monday, Sept 11, 3pm;
Reading v Manchester City (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 16, 7:30am; Charlton v Portsmouth (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 16, 10am; Everton v Wigan (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 16, 10am;
Bolton v Middlesbrough (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 16, 10am; Sheff Utd v Reading [DirecTV channel 670 only] (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 16, Noon;
Watford v Aston Villa (Fox Soccer Channel)
Sunday, Sept 17, 8:30am; Chelsea v Liverpool (Setanta)
Sunday, Sept 17, 11am;
Manchester United v Arsenal (Fox Soccer Channel)
Wednesday, Sept 20, 3pm; Liverpool v Newcastle (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 23, 7:30am; Liverpool v Spurs (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 23, 10am; Fulham v Chelsea (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 23, 10am; Man City v West Ham [DirecTV channel 670 only] (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 23, 10am;
Arsenal v Sheffield United (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 23, Noon;
Reading v Manchester United (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 23, 2:15pm;
Aston Villa v Charlton Athletic (tape delayed) (Fox Soccer Channel)
Sunday, Sept 24, 11am;
Newcastle United v Everton (Fox Soccer Channel)
Monday, Sept 25, 3pm;
Portsmouth v Bolton Wanderers (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 30, 7:30am; Bolton v Liverpool (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 30, 10am; Man United v Newcastle (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 30, 10am; Charlton v Arsenal [DirecTV channel 670 only] (Setanta)
Saturday, Sept 30, 10am;
Chelsea v Aston Villa (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 30, Noon;
Sheffield United v Middlesbrough (Fox Soccer Channel)
Saturday, Sept 30, 2:15pm; Everton v Manchester City
(tape delayed) (Fox Soccer Channel)
Sunday, Oct 1, 9am; West Ham v Reading (Setanta)
Sunday, Oct 1, 11am;
Tottenham Hotspur v Portsmouth (Fox Soccer Channel)
* All times Eastern.

What matches are you looking forward to in September?

9 thoughts on “September Will Be A Month To Remember for Prem Fans”

  1. I can hear it now…sunday the 17
    we will get the beers in early…..get the scousers to whip the evile empire Chelseans….and then the match Manu vs Arsenal (but without the keene -vierra subplot) ….the beers will flow

    it should be an epl holiday in the usa

  2. No doubt a great month ahead and European action on top of it all. However, what can we do all do on weekends last the last one. I really missed chatting with every one hear. What are the plans for Champions League nights

  3. Gaffer

    I sent you an email re STA ch 670. You can ignore it … (you probably planned to do that anyway!)

    I noticed that some EPL games were on STA ch 670 (setanta alternate channel). I didn’t know what it was and first time I didn’t get an answer from DirectTV. Now I have. Others may not know this but it’s great news.

    As a subcriber to Sentanta on 615, you also get 670 STA (Setanta Alternative) in the same package at no extra cost. I believe that mostly it has the same programming, however on each of the next 3 Saturdays there is a differnent game on each channel as the blog shows. I.e we can now choose from or watch all 3 EPL games live sumultaneously !!!!!!
    (providing you have 3 set top boxes or DVR feeds)

    All for $14.99 per month!

    Hopefully they will sort out their glitches by then (no game clock on today’s Euro games, for instance)

    regards, LACF

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