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EPL Talk Podcast 57

Apologies to those of you who were expecting to hear a couple of additional EPL Talk Podcast episodes this week. We’ll have one up this weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) with another one to follow shortly afterwards. A perfect remedy for a long holiday weekend and a lack of Premiership football.

The reason for the delay is there’s so much good news happening at EPL Talk right now. First, we just completed an interview this evening with Gary Richards from The 2 G’s radio show. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, the next issue of the EPL Talk Email Newsletter will be distributed with transfer headlines, a schedule of all of the Euro 2008 matches on TV this weekend, an exclusive preview of the next podcast, history of the European Championship tournament, and much more.

Friday morning we’re also interviewing Adrian Sherling from Manchester Buccaneers fame, which should be an interesting and humorous interview.

We’re also planning the strategy for the third issue of the EPL Talk Magazine after your extremely helpful feedback.

Lots happening, plus more news to come, so stay tuned to this blog.


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