Fox Soccer Channel to Televise Argies Debut

Breaking News. The Tevez and Mascherano signings are now official. The two Argentine national team players will make their debut for West Ham at home against Aston Villa on Sunday, September 10th.

And the wonderful news is that viewers of Fox Soccer Channel will be able to see their debut live on the channel that day at 11am ET.

One thought on “Fox Soccer Channel to Televise Argies Debut”

  1. This is all great stuff… but as a Chelsea fan, I’m just steaming at the Cole/Gallas deal.
    What a disgraceful way to treat Wayne Bridge. He has no chance to play first team till December after being Chelsea’s only wing threat (He might just play left wing for a game or two if Robben & Cole aren’t fit) After that I doubt he can make the subs bench, which is usually a utility player. The other 3 outfield spots again are usually strikers and midfield. What a mess. … and still they have no-one on the right!?!

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