EPL Talk Magazine: Your Feedback


The results of the first EPL Talk Magazine survey are in, and they make interesting reading. Here’s what you told us:

  • 67% of you never miss an issue, while 33% have read one of the two issues.
  • You enjoy the articles in the magazine. 67% of you rated them ‘Above Average,’ 25% said ‘Excellent,’ and 8% said ‘Average.’
  • Asked whether you felt the PDF format was user-friendly or not, here’s how you rated it: 42% of you said the format was ‘Above Average,’ 33% said ‘Excellent,’ 17% said ‘Average’ and 8% said ‘Poor.’
  • Regarding how many of the articles you read in each issue of EPL Talk Magazine, 50% of you said ‘every article,’ 41% said ‘most of them,’ and 8% said ‘only a select few’ of the articles.
  • Lastly, 67% of you preferred to keep the magazine in its current format, while 33% preferred to have the articles placed on the EPL Talk Blog instead.

Thanks for your valuable input. Based on the results of the survey, we’ll definitely continue the EPL Talk Magazine as the majority of you love what you’ve seen.

In the meantime, we sent one final magazine survey to the readers of the magazine (well, those who have opted in to be notified when the new magazine issues become available). Once we have those replies in, we’ll share the results with you and will let you know what’s in store for the EPL Talk Magazine in the future.

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