The Return of The Guardian’s Football Podcast


In terms of World Cup podcasts, the most impressive one in my opinion had to be The Guardian’s World Cup Show. The dry comedy of the British came through the podosphere loud and clear, and the range of segments was completely fascinating.

Where else could you find a World Cup podcast with football inspired poetry being read, hearing the account of Guardian reporter Sean Ingle being bit by a dog, the insight from Serie A afficionado James Richardson on Italy’s chances, and — last but not least — Barry Glendenning and his brilliant wit?

So, it’s with wonderful glee that we find out that The Guardian’s podcast will be returning starting tomorrow (Tuesday). While the World Cup has left us, the podcast promises to provide us with a weekly report on all things Premiership. Plus content on other European leagues, especially the Champions League.

While we’re at it, The Guardian recently launched their Sport Blog. Lots of interesting reading, as always, and one post that caught my attention was a report by Denis Campbell. This is a perfect example of The Guardian’s unique coverage. It’s a piece on how Manchester City is welcoming the gay community to its matches and how City have taken the bold move of supporting gay rights.

Near the foot of the article, The Guardian mention that only one gay player has ever come out and that was Justin Fashanu who tragically committed suicide. I remember being in Britain in the late 70s and being stunned by Fashanu’s goal of the season in 1980 for Norwich City against Liverpool.

The Guardian piece prompted me to read what happened to Fashanu, and unfortunately his story was pretty tragic after such a bright and promising beginning in football.

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