EPL Talk Podcast Expanding to 60 Minutes


The results from the EPL Talk Podcast survey are in, and based on your valuable feedback, we’ll be making some changes to the only soccer interview show on the Internet. You ask, we listen.

Here’s what you told us:

  • 70% of you prefer the podcast to be 60 minutes. 20% of you voted for 30 minutes instead. 10% were new listeners and had no opinion.
  • Regarding what type of guests you’d like to hear interviewed on the show, fellow football podcasters received 20% of the vote. Top votes went to football journalists (80%), executives from football networks (70%), players (70%), football commentators (60%), and famous musicians who are also football fans (40%).*
  • Your replies to the open-ended question about the EPL Talk Podcast in general resulted in some interesting comments. “Intro is a bit creepy,” commented one person. “Minor technical point, The Gaffer’s voice tends to be on much higher volume than that of the guest,” said a different listener. Other listeners submitted the following comments:
    • “Thank god for the EPL Talk Podcast and the Blog. Without them, I may not have been ready to watch all the Premiership matches this weekend”;
    • “I think you’re doing a great job with all of this, and the podcast offers great content I can’t really get anywhere else as an American. I especially like the email newsletter with the week’s TV schedule. Any change of getting an RSS feed of the newsletter?”;
    • “One of my most frequent podcast listens.”

So, based on your feedback, we’ll be extending the length of the interviews to 40-45 minutes instead of 15-20 minutes, and adding in our reaction to the most recent Premiership matches so that the shows will run approximately 60 minutes.

We’ll also try to interview fewer footy podcasters and go after more journalists and experts from the field of football.

The audio we’re continuing to improve. Unfortunately most of the interviews are conducted with Skype, so the sound quality isn’t perfect. But we’re looking into getting additional equipment that will help in the future. And, thanks to the readers suggestion, we’ve now added a RSS feed for the EPL Talk Email Newsletter so that current subscribers can choose to view it in their RSS reader if they so choose (the link to the RSS feed will be published in this Friday’s e-newsletter edition).

Thanks everyone for your feedback! Wayne Novick, meanwhile, is the lucky winner of the EPL Talk T-shirt for being the randomly-selected person out of the pool of survey respondents.

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