Boro Shocker Over Chelsea

John Terry

Tonight’s shock 2-1 win for Middlesbrough against Chelsea has turned the Premiership upside down in just the first week.

It was an unusual match because Boro was the better side in the first 15 minutes, but Chelsea scored against the run of play through Shevchenko. With Chelsea leading 1-0 for most of the match, the Blues seemed to take their foot of the gas and failed to put the match out of Boro’s reach.

Chelsea’s poor marking was the culprit for Boro’s first goal, and Viduka’s injury time winner was cruel justice for Chelsea, who deserved a draw in this match after earlier hitting the post and forcing Schwarzer into several world-class saves.

The question for you is, who will be the first team to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge since 2004?

What was unbelievable, though, were the large number of empty seats in the Riverside Stadium tonight. The attendance was a mere 29,198 inside a ground with a 35,100 capacity meaning that more than 15% of the seats were empty. Of course, some of those seats would have been empty to segregate the Chelsea fans, but still — if Boro can’t sell out their home ground against Chelsea, that’s sad. Ticket prices for the match, meanwhile, ranged from $45 to $60.

7 thoughts on “Boro Shocker Over Chelsea”

  1. I’m personally glad when I read about swathes of empty seats in grounds, that the fans are slowly but surely realising they are being fleeced something wicked by the Premiership clubs (did you realise you can get a season ticket for some teams in Spain’s La Liga for as low as 200 Euros?). As Frank Skinner so aptly put it there is a feeling amongst those of us who are not Johnny-come-latelys to football that the game has been taken away from us. The price of match tickets was never an issue when my Dad was taking me as a kid to watch Tranmere Rovers & Everton….

  2. The broadcasters noted the empty seats, and said that a lot of people in the area were on holiday. Any truth to this?

  3. i know its august, but do communities often leave town at the same time. and if there is truth to this, why broadcast it. sounds like a good time to raid boro, thiefs!

  4. This isn’t as big a shock as the fould by Thatcher on Mendes… awful, he should be jailed and banned for life, the bloody idiot.

  5. I think the announcers were being a bit cheeky when they mentioned people being on vacation. I think the attendences have been down the last couple of seasons, at least early on, and then perk back up.

    It was nice to see Chelsea drop points early on. Makes the season interesting right from the get go. Some of the early results are a bit deceiving though.

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