Interview with "A Game of Two Halves" Podcasters


Episode 21 of the EPL Talk Podcast was released today, featuring a slightly new format. First, we have an interview with Chris Knowles and Mark Hesketh from “A Game Of Two Halves” podcast. During the interview, the two lads living in Australia discuss several topics including the future of football podcasts, World Cup experiences, why they started their podcast, what they think of Americans who are into the Premiership, and what it’s like to watch the English Premier League in Australia. Their web site, meanwhile, is at

Second, we include our thoughts and opinions from this past weekend’s Premiership matches.

And third, we give you two chances to win an EPL Talk T-shirt. Listen to the interview now.

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Lastly, if you have a question that you’d like an executive from Fox Soccer Channel answer, be sure to go ahead and post your questions here. EPL Talk is scheduled to interview FSC for the next EPL Talk Podcast episode.

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