EPL Talk Fantasy Football League Standings


It’s been a challenging weekend for some Premiership teams the past couple of days, while other clubs breezed through their matches. The same is true for the EPL Talk Fantasy Football League.

Here are the top 5 standings as of this morning:

  1. Rockfish United (David Griffith) 87 points
  2. Gratefullawyer (Wayne Novick) 83 points
  3. TN Beerdrinkers (Jeff Whitsitt) 72 points
  4. Dragons (CJ Pedler) 68 points
  5. Yantai FC (Michael Trubey) 67 points

I, The Gaffer, am in 11th place meanwhile out of 38 teams in the league.

There’s still plenty of time to join the free Premiership fantasy league and to catch up. Go here for more information.

4 thoughts on “EPL Talk Fantasy Football League Standings”

  1. It is early days

    but the beer helps your predictions

    so how did friedel end up with some money points

    and is wayne bridge a good buy today….
    (talking the market up…lol)

  2. Has anyone else heard the rumour of Clint Dempsey to charlton but the MLS wont let him go..a great move for him and charlton

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