Historic Day for Premiership in U.S.


Well, we had to wait 104 days for it, but the start of the Premiership season has come and gone. Depending on how you experienced it, it may have felt more exhausting for you than some of the lads on the pitch. More than 12 hours of Premiership football in one day is history in the making in the United States.

Now that the Premiership season has kicked off, there’s plenty of activity at EPL Talk. Here are just a few of the most important updates:

  • Day one of the ITVN experience didn’t go so well for me. While I received several emails and read many blog posts here about soccer fans enjoying good quality video, mine was a different story. It appears that my cable provider, Adelphia (who recently went bankrupt and were taken over by Comcast), is throttling my bandwidth so I’m unable to get a buffer-free experience with ITVN. It doesn’t appear to be the IPTV company’s fault, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.
  • While I was unable to watch the Sheffield United against Liverpool match, I was soon on top of all of the minute-by-minute action after I logged on to the EPLTalk homepage and participated in a live online chat with a dozen fans from around the country. Leicester1, Gratefullawyer, ChadBunz, Cool_Pharaoh, bcjohn, Yannick and several others joined in the chat. Keep on checking the EPL Talk homepage on Saturdays if you want to check it out while you watch the matches.
  • The next episode of the EPL Talk Podcast will be available tomorrow (Sunday) night. For those of you who have had the pleasure of listening to the “A Game of Two Halves” podcast, you’ll appreciate the interview with Mark Hesketh and Chris Knowles from Australia. For those of you who have never listened to their podcast, give a listen to the interview with them and I’ll introduce you to the two fascinating blokes who are funny, genuine and extremely listenable.
  • The link to the 2005 Champions League photographs from Robert Halton in this week’s issue of the EPL Talk Email Newsletter didn’t work unfortunately. But, no worries, here’s the correct link. Check out the photo of former Liverpool defender Pellegrino looking like the living dead, and the Liverpool fan climbing the tree.
  • The Bloody Yanks, managed by EPL Talk reader Jeremy Lay, is currently in first place in the EPL Talk fantasy football league. Feel free to sign up today if you haven’t done so already. It’s not too late, and it’s free to join. After tomorrow’s matches are over, I’ll publish the top 5.
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