Historic Day for Premiership in U.S.


Well, we had to wait 104 days for it, but the start of the Premiership season has come and gone. Depending on how you experienced it, it may have felt more exhausting for you than some of the lads on the pitch. More than 12 hours of Premiership football in one day is history in the making in the United States.

Now that the Premiership season has kicked off, there’s plenty of activity at EPL Talk. Here are just a few of the most important updates:

  • Day one of the ITVN experience didn’t go so well for me. While I received several emails and read many blog posts here about soccer fans enjoying good quality video, mine was a different story. It appears that my cable provider, Adelphia (who recently went bankrupt and were taken over by Comcast), is throttling my bandwidth so I’m unable to get a buffer-free experience with ITVN. It doesn’t appear to be the IPTV company’s fault, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.
  • While I was unable to watch the Sheffield United against Liverpool match, I was soon on top of all of the minute-by-minute action after I logged on to the EPLTalk homepage and participated in a live online chat with a dozen fans from around the country. Leicester1, Gratefullawyer, ChadBunz, Cool_Pharaoh, bcjohn, Yannick and several others joined in the chat. Keep on checking the EPL Talk homepage on Saturdays if you want to check it out while you watch the matches.
  • The next episode of the EPL Talk Podcast will be available tomorrow (Sunday) night. For those of you who have had the pleasure of listening to the “A Game of Two Halves” podcast, you’ll appreciate the interview with Mark Hesketh and Chris Knowles from Australia. For those of you who have never listened to their podcast, give a listen to the interview with them and I’ll introduce you to the two fascinating blokes who are funny, genuine and extremely listenable.
  • The link to the 2005 Champions League photographs from Robert Halton in this week’s issue of the EPL Talk Email Newsletter didn’t work unfortunately. But, no worries, here’s the correct link. Check out the photo of former Liverpool defender Pellegrino looking like the living dead, and the Liverpool fan climbing the tree.
  • The Bloody Yanks, managed by EPL Talk reader Jeremy Lay, is currently in first place in the EPL Talk fantasy football league. Feel free to sign up today if you haven’t done so already. It’s not too late, and it’s free to join. After tomorrow’s matches are over, I’ll publish the top 5.

9 thoughts on “Historic Day for Premiership in U.S.”

  1. Yes the chat was fun and a way to wake up. Look forward to doing that more.

    While I do not have Setanta, I have been able to find games that were broadcast there and must say, I WISH FOX SOCCER CHANNEL would do the same. Let the presenters on site do all the pre match build, raise the crowd noise to get the entire match experience, and posted scoring updates during the 3 pm kickoffs. I will say that I was happy with my Sirius coverage as well as I got two of the games that were on Setanta there and had no problems with my coverage.

    Here’s to fun coming back to the weekends.

  2. This was also discussed on the other thread …

    I have DirectTV/Fox+Setanta. I also have large DLP TV and at 7.45am watched Setanta live on the left (Arsenal game) and Fox’s live Newcastle game. To me I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I say that to put the following into context.

    I really could see little difference between either Setanta or Fox’s picture. Both majorly SUCKED as they did through the pre-season. My gripe is that I can always turn off the commentators (they’re all pretty useless), but I can’t improve the picture. It all comes down to funding enough cameras, Good PAL to NTSC conversion, sufficient bandwidth across the Atlantic and sufficient bandwidth from your local/satellite/IPTV provider. Even then their may be other factors like is DirectTV using MPEG2 or MPEG 4 at this time, further bandwidth limitations and how good is your TV. I saw a big difference between my DLP TV and my LCD TV saw the same thing on a PC monitor which is also HD grade. The HD LCD TV seems to significantly magnify the problems particularly because of all the long shots. As my wife said “I can’t really tell who’s who on the pitch.”

    I believe that until there is a world cup-sized audience we’re probably screwed. I already sent a complaint and questions to FFFI (upcoming on Tuesday 5pm PST) on this but I doubt I get a response.

    To be honest I’m not sure which of the above problems is biggest culprit but I suspect it’s the European to US conversion.

    I’d really like to hear from anyone on the inside of the TV companies to comment on this post SO could know what could get it improved.

    Even if they took Sky’s new HDTV feed and compressed down but kept the 16×9 format they could make a big improvement. For me 16×9 gives much more off the ball action and made the World Cup coverage brilliant. I could turn off the idiot ABC commentators who kept calling the bye-line then end-line, etc

    Regards, LA Chelsea Fan

    Looking forward to other people’s comments on this.

  3. I am a Comcast subscriber so it’s FSC for me and to tell you the truth despite all the talk I found the experience better. I did miss the live broadcast of the first match, especially since I was up at 5:00am Central Time to start following the big day online.

    Having the ability to follow most of the matches for the day on FSC was much better than following things on the internet at 9:00am. I should also say my new HDTV gave me a much better picture with the digital cable.

    I did subscribe to Setanta broadband and I am disappointed that they have very little on broadband over the weekend. The opening round of the cup on Monday will be nice.

    All in all a pretty happy guy.

  4. LA Chelsea Fan:

    It’s not the PAL conversion to NTSC (the reverse would have adverse effects since NTSC has less resolution). I would speculate that i is simply a function of compression shemes that render the “less watched” or higher up networks subject to the most compression (compare FSC with a retransmission of a broadcast affiiliate). Compression + LCD renders an awful image, which is why I will retain my tube TV until cable/sat companies change their evil ways.

    I am dissapointed that ITVN further degrades the images with their paltry allocation of 1 meg for Setanta’s feed. Side by side comparisons of video from the ManU/Fulham match (FSC video courtesy of the EPL Review Show) really made apparent how I think it’s rather absurd that ITVN charges the same fee as DirecTV – it was watchable but only because we are sick individuals when it comes to the subject matter!

    -(NY TV guy that may like Chelsea but rather not say)

  5. Ah, thanks for the enlightment re conversion, it makes sense. I wasn’t aware that higher number channels got more compressed. Not sure on the LCD front. My LCD monitor NEC 20″ TFT 16×9 LCD gives a beautiful bright HD picture, is ok on low channels, some high number like 607 speed, fair on other high number channels. Setanta, and a few south america showing sports action really suck, even compared to commercials and studio feeds. Good luck with the IPTV feed.

  6. i dont know after a couple beers with my eggs during the liverpool game the aresenal game did look fuzzy and by the time of the reading game…..my hd picture looked just so fine

    but it was still much better then no footy at all

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