Setanta Sports Now Available For Canadian Residents


Good news for Canadians who follow the Premiership. I just spoke with ITVN and they’ve announced that Setanta Sports will be available to Canadian residents via ITVN.

ITVN is currently working on testing the Setanta Sports feed, and it may be live on ITVN as early as Friday evening for both US and Canadian customers.

8 thoughts on “Setanta Sports Now Available For Canadian Residents”

  1. Sounds good! Although, Gaffer, I’d like you to address the issue as to whether or not we can Rent boxes, and have no 12-month agreement incase we need/want to cancel.

  2. To follow up, the reason I asked is becuase with more subscribers the quality may degrade and buffering increase, and I certainly don’t want to be charged $100US for cancelling becuase of their quality issues….. let us know please!

  3. on that note, why are the2gs taking credit for all your hard work? they are getting people to sign up through them and pretending that they secured a deal for their listeners that get them a free box with contract (something everyone gets). i know your partners, but will they see this money or you? theres no question you single handedly made this deal happen.

  4. Thanks for the questions.

    Lampardfan, regarding the set top box, no rental is allowed. You can either purchase the unit for $100 and then pay the $15 subscription fee for Setanta. Or, you can pay for a 12 month subscription up-front and get the set top box for free.

    If you cancel within your first 30 days with the risk free trial, I believe they’ll refund you the $100 plus the monthly fee. So all you would end up paying for is shipping. Don’t quote me on that. But call ITVN to make sure.

    Regarding the 2 G’s, no worries there. I appreciate the concern regarding making sure that the credit goes to the right place. As you know, we were first with the news last week on this blog, and we had the interview on Monday before the news was announced. Plus we were instrumental in encouraging ITVN ready to launch earlier than usual.

    ITVN is advertising on The2Gs. I spoke with ITVN and recommended they advertise there, and named a few other sites.

    Thanks for the support, and thanks for looking out for EPL Talk. I appreciate it.

    The Gaffer

  5. Is Setanta not available on ITVN right now for US customers? I’m a little conerned — I purchased a box earlier this week, and from what I just read, there’s a chance that I won’t get Setanta when I get the box.

  6. Jason,

    I spoke with ITVN earlier today and they said they were planning on putting the Setanta feed live tomorrow evening (Friday).

    But I’ve read comments from other people on this blog that the feed is already live.

    I’m waiting to receive my set top box, so I’m in the dark right now. But Jason, feel free to call the ITVN customer service line. They seem pretty helpful. The number is probably on

    The Gaffer

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