Newcastle Fan Adds Thoughts About Chelsea

Wayne Rooney, Howard Webb

Premiership Countdown: 4 Days to Go.

By Bruce Gottesman, EPL Talk correspondent

One thing I noticed about Chelsea’s squad: How many central players do they think they can put on the field at once? The key to their season to me is Cole on the left and Wright-Phillips on the right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Blues find themselves battling to keep their Champions League status. Sure, it’s better to have wing problems than forward problems, but who’s calling Newcastle the best team in the world?

Robben needs to be moved – surely he’s just a backup now. I know of a few sides that could use a striker… And what about all those midfielders? How can they all play? Ballack and Lampard have to be the starters, but what about Essien and Makelele? I guess Essien could play the right wing, but what about Wright-Phillips? He must be one of least happy champions around. Mourinho is wasting his career, and he can be Beckham’s replacement on the right for England if he can just find playing time. It wouldn’t be with Newcastle – Solano’s fine by me, and midfield is not a place we need to upgrade.


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