ITVN Comes to the Rescue for Soccer Fans


Episode 20 of the EPL Talk Podcast is now available featuring an interview with the executive vice-president from ITVN. During the interview, Joseph Scotti answers all of your questions about how to get Setanta Sports via broadband, discusses how ITVN works, what the quality of the picture will be like and how you can order it before the Premiership starts.

Interestingly, the ITVN executive says it was EPL Talk that convinced them to make their Setanta Sports offering available sooner than they anticipated.

Meanwhile, in September, ITVN will be unveiling even more enhancements and more channel options. Plus, during the interview, Scotti hints at possible additions in the future for soccer fans.

In answer to your questions, ITVN does not include the ability to support the use of digital video recording (a la Tivo). Although it can be done, ITVN does not recommend it.

In the meantime, ITVN’s customer service can answer your technical questions at 818-591-4186. And if you’re ready to order ITVN so you can get the set top box delivered before the Premiership starts, you can call toll-free 866-988-4988 between the hours of 11am-11pm ET (the hours will be expanded beginning September 1). Or, even better, you can order it online right now from the ITVN web site at

9 thoughts on “ITVN Comes to the Rescue for Soccer Fans”

  1. Just listened to the interview – no mention of why the content of Setanta Extra is not available via ITVN, several of the upcoming Premiership matches being slated for broadcast on that channel….

  2. Setanta Extra is exclusively available to DirecTV viewers only.

    ITVN will broadcast the Setanta USA channel.

    The Gaffer

  3. ITVN will broadcast the Setanta USA channel live. So whatever EPL matches (and other leagues) Setanta shows, ITVN will show.

    The only exception is for the “overflow” matches on Setanta, which they’ll play on Setanta Extra (DirecTV channel 670]. Those will not be shown on ITVN. To see that schedule, look here for the channel 670 listings.

    The Gaffer

  4. I received my ITVN box yesterday, and was happy to see that Setanta was up and running this morning. I have been watching the channel for the past few hours, and I’m very impressed with ITVN. I’m streaming at 700k and the picture quality while not as good as my digital cable is roughly the equivelent of watching a vcr tape. I’ve had virtually no buffering at 700k. I was fairly doubtful that I would be satisfied with the service, but after watching the better part of two matches I’m completely sold. Best money I’ve ever spent.

  5. I received my ITVN box yesterday through FedEx. It took me a while to install just because I had to reset my cable connections. But it is a very easy set up.

    The image quality is good. I watched the France-Bosnia Game last night and it was GREAT. I Have no way of getting setanta any other way, So i am on cloud nine at the moment.

    I am also an Arsenal Fan and realized that most of the Arsenal Games will be on Setanta EXTRA which is not available on ITVN.

    This is a bit unfair since an ITVN subcriber is paying the same price as the direct TV subscriber but we are getting less games.

    Gaffer can you ask Setanta about this issue.

    Love your podcast..

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