ITVN Announces Setanta Sports Availability


Just completed an interview this afternoon with an executive from ITVN, which will be made available tonight as the next episode from the EPL Talk Podcast.

You’ll be hear the exclusive news, find out how you can order now, and much more. I’ll include a post on the blog as soon as it’s available this evening.

BTW, thanks everyone for your questions. I tried to include as many of them as I could.

24 thoughts on “ITVN Announces Setanta Sports Availability”

  1. Then I guess the next question is: Is this a reliable service? Will it look like my cable tv or my tvants? That’s the only real question for us cable subscribers.

  2. I’ve just signed up after calling them, everything sounds A.O.K, and they said it is (at 1000kbps) almost unrecognizable from cable TV…. also, free hardware with 1-year contract!

  3. can you say how long is it going to take to deliver the hardware if I ordered today? and what was the total if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks.

  4. It was a 12mo contact, so no hardware charge. They pre-bill second and last month of subscription, first month is free. Total with shipping by FedEx was about $50

  5. Anyone have any experience with ITVN? I just tested my cable connection and my download speed is about 385 kbps. Is that too slow to get decent video quality?

  6. it sounds like a great deal…i signed up immediately. i hope your getting a sponsership or some money or something gaffer. you just helped this company(and soccer fans around the US in cable restrictions)very happy. look to get my box by thursday, and be up and running for saturdays matches!! thanks itvn, setanta and epl talk.

  7. Thanks for the positive words.

    The purpose of EPL Talk is to be your guide to watching the Premiership on TV in North America.

    I’m in the same boat as many of you, hungry for more Premiership football but lacking information and feeling isolated in many ways, which is why I started the site (and blog, podcast, magazine and now newsletter).

    If you like what you see, be sure to tell your friends and strangers about it on the message boards and in the blogosphere (and, wink wink, for those of you who have signed up for the EPL Talk Buzz Club, you get rewarded for doing so). To learn more, just opt in for the Buzz Club today.

    The Gaffer

  8. I had assumed that it was Setanta USA but, on ITVN’s website they do not mention the Premier League.

    This is what it says: Watch LIVE broadcasts including the UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup Qualifying, UEFA Cup, Coca Cola Championship and select Manchester United and Chelsea matches

  9. Yup, it’s Setanta USA and everything they carry including the English Premier League.

    No worries.

    The Gaffer

  10. Download at 386kbps? Did you use their speed test at ………. if you did, that may be too slow… I got 4200kbps download, which will be plenty for their 1000kbs stream! Woohoo…. hopefully goes well with my ner DVR.. If you guys have questions, fell free to call them, be friednly and they will answer anything

  11. I put in the referral code. I know that isn’t an official referral code, but someone at ITVN will see it.

  12. Just got my itvn box setup tonight, here are my first impressions…

    The menus are clean, but you have to navigate at least 3 or so screens every time you turn on the box, which takes 30-60 seconds for me. It would be an awesome improvement if it remembered your channel so power-on would take you right to Setanta.

    The picture quality is definitely acceptable. I am still so happy about getting to see Liverpool’s games that even if the picture looks a little more contrasty, and somewhat less sharp, than digital cable, I am very happy with this service. I did increase the stream quality to 1000kbps.

    I only have 1.5Mbps DSL, which averages 1.2Mbps on most bandwidth speed tests. I tested simultaneous browsing and downloading while the itvn is on, and browsing was unaffected. Downloading did cause the itvn stream to rebuffer. I am not certain how much buffer the itvn stores, this might be good to know. In any case, I share my connection with my family, so I will definitely be turning off the itvn box when not using it. I also wonder if my service provider will complain if I were to leave this on for extended periods of time.

    Small note– for some silly reason, I expected the itvn box to be wireless network ready. It only has an ethernet input, which will accept an ethernet wireless adapter if you have one.

  13. Responding to above…
    My bandwidth result at varies 1100-1300 kbps. I have only watched up to 20 minutes at a time of…well, I think it was Aussie Rules Football, it wasn’t Rugby or Footie…and I did not get any rebuffering after the first few moments.

    Bring on the start of the EPL!

    I am still going to try and encourage Comcast to carry Setanta, as the ease of using their DVR, and the multiple tuners on the cable box, allows for a much nicer viewing experience. I am not sure if there are any copyright issues, but I will need to bust out the VCR to record the early Sat games, and this is nowhere near as convenient as the DVR.

  14. Thanks for the reply- I’m prepared to sign up but have only 1 worry – If as customers increase the quality may decrease and bufering will increase, and If I want to cancel my service,**the will bill my CC for $100US** ahhh!! it is pittiful really! That’s my only avoidance for now.

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