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Premiership Countdown: 6 Days to Go.

Just a few quick notes from EPL Talk central:

  1. No EPL Talk Podcast today. We should have one available tomorrow night with an exclusive interview with an executive from the IPTV company we’ve been talking about. More details to come on that tomorrow, so stay tuned to this blog.
  2. EPL Talk Email Newsletter a success. The first issue was released Friday, and we’ve been receiving some great feedback. Some say it’s the best designed football newsletter out there. In the debut issue, we have the history of the Community Shield, a preview of today’s Liverpool v Chelsea match, news about Setanta and FSC’s Premiership schedule, a contest to win an EPL Talk T-shirt, a link to the best football web site of the week, and much more. Subscribe today from the homepage of
  3. Next issue of the EPL Talk Magazine. The third issue of the EPL Talk Magazine should be released within the next 7 days with fascinating articles that take you inside the Premier League. Be sure to subscribe today at so we’ll notify you as soon as the magazine becomes available.

Keep on visiting the blog for the latest Premiership news, and latest updates from EPL Talk. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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