10 thoughts on “DC United and Real Madrid Draw 1-1”

  1. Kartik, you consistently call DC Scum the signature franchise of MLS yet you ignore the Galaxy, the only profitable franchise in the league and in a much bigger media market. Are you on the DC payroll?

  2. So DC United the only worthwhile club side in the states has drawn with Real Madrid. What exactly have your other 1,000 or so clubs done versus european level competetion. Your stinking fraud association cannot continue to exist based on the results of one club alone.

  3. I enjoyed watching that match Saturday when the Chelsea was shown up by the American side. Real Madrid played with a lot more interest and intensity last night but the DC Goalie, Perkins was in some sort of zone and robbed Roberto Carlos twice on what would have been sure goals.

  4. What an atmosphere last night as our boys did the whole league proud. Jaime Moreno signaled his intent to challenge Real early with a daring run and then after we fell behind Elecko answered with a clinical strike to draw even. Troy Perkins was en fuego, to steal an old sportscenter term and we as a team just absolutly wanted it badly. Real played very hard as well and certainly did not discredit themselves in the effort. I hope those of you outside the DC area got to see the game on TV since it was on live here on a local station.

  5. Unfortunately, the game was not available outside the DC area. Their local television contract is what contributes to their strong fan base.

    DC United is the premier franchise in MLS. They continue to display that.

    It may be off topic, but I strongly suspect Peter Nowak is on the short list to be the next USA coach. Results like this can’t hurt his chances.

  6. The “Gals” have long been propped up by MLS with choice allocations and one-way trades because they are in a huge media market.

    Getting Ruiz over more deserving clubs led to one MLS Cup. Then they discarded him for Donovan (who bolted uncompensated and soon to move San Jose) for another Cup.

    Sigi, Sampson, Yallop (saying it’s always been a dream job) along with trades like Quaranta for a “future partial allocation” will always keep LA in the mix.

  7. DC not only has been a more succesful team on the field than LA, but they haven’t tinkered with their colors and uniforms every year and needed to league to award them prize allocations to prop them up. DC has had since the inception of the league superior scouting to every other MLS team, and unlike LA who has benefited greatly from the single entity system, DC has been robbed of many of their finds by the league in order to promote parity. And besides, DC has had a consistent color scheme and look to their logo and uniforms. DC is without question the signature MLS franchise.

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