Chelsea’s American Tour Rated A Success


Premiership Countdown: 12 Days to Go.

The Guardian ran an interesting story in today’s edition entitled “Blues Can’t Match The Beatles, But American Project Reaps Rewards.”

The article, written by Matt Scott, reports on Chelsea’s marketing strategy in America capturing the hearts and minds of American soccer fans. At this rate, we could expect to see more English clubs playing friendlies in America in the future as they all hope to capture more of the market and sell more jerseys.

One thought on “Chelsea’s American Tour Rated A Success”

  1. I’d love to see more EPL teams visit the US for training and/or friendlies. I’d travel just about anywhere in the country to see Liverpool, but would be happy see/read about any other club than wants to come.

    It might be interesting for Reading to visit since they feature a couple of American players on the roster. Even if they get relegated that’s quite a marketing angle for a US trip.

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