To Tour or Not to Tour: Pre-Season Friendlies


Premiership Countdown: 13 Days to Go.

The Sunday Times of London has a short, but interesting, list of pros and cons of English clubs going overseas on those big tours. Chelsea graced the States this year. Man United traveled to South Africa, while other clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal decided to stay closer to home.

Read through the pros and cons in today’s article.

While it’s important for clubs to work closely with corporate sponsors, you have to wonder how far can it go before its more damaging than good. For example, the main reason why Man United toured North America two years ago was Nike. And the amount of travel that summer meant that the United squad were exhausted before the season began.

Will teams like Arsenal and Spurs be more relaxed and ready for the season after playing friendlies in Austria and France respectively? We’ll find out in less than two weeks!

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