Interview with Setanta Sports: North America


EPL Talk will be conducting an interview this afternoon with Shane O’Rourke, president of North American operations for Setanta Sports, to discuss today’s huge announcement.

It’ll be released as a special edition of the EPL Talk Podcast.

If you have any questions for Setanta, please post them here so I can ask them!

Thanks everyone for your questions you posted here and that you emailed to me. I tried to ask as many as I could.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Setanta Sports: North America”

  1. I would like to understand momre about their plans, specifically their business model. Seems they are taking the PPV approach to a product with limited appeal, here in the US anyway, and distribution, only on Direct TV. Specifically I would like to understand why they didnt go with a more classis cable approach where they are paid per subscriber per month. They would have to offer their programming cheaply relative to the other channels, but with wider distribution they would probably be able to generate more dollars. Any plans in the future to move away from the PPV model?

  2. when will we see EPL games on broadband? This is much easier to set up then switching to directv and having to install a satellite dish.

    Is setanta preparing for EPL over broadband?

  3. Thanks both.

    Both of your questions were answered on the EPL Talk Podcast interview with Shane O’Rourke. Listen to it here.

    The Gaffer

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