Could This Be Tottenham’s Season?


They have one of the best managers in the league. They’ve been spectacular during pre-season after defeating Inter Milan, Celta Vigo, Bordeaux and Nice. And on paper, they have a remarkable team — one that reminds me of the skilful side they had in the early 1980s starring Argentines Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa, and glamour player Glenn Hoddle.

They are Tottenham. They are Spurs.

On the field, Finnish midfielder Teemu Tainio is finding his form. Defender Anthony Gardner is back from injury. Grandpa Edgar Davids has decided to stay with Spurs for one more season. And new signing Didier Zokora, who played fantastically for Ivory Coast, could be one of the signings of the season when he slots nicely into the holding midfielder position left by Michael Carrick.

Up front, Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov is extremely promising. He’s physical, skilful and could be just what Spurs need to make a statement in the early part of the season. Combined with Jermain Defoe, who has a lot to prove, this could be a deadly partnership.

On the right wing, don’t forget about Aaron Lennon who will be boosted with confidence after his recent World Cup outings. And don’t forget England goalkeeper Paul Robinson in goal.

The only weakness I can see is on the left wing, which is why Spurs wanted Damien Duff. There’s still plenty of time for Jol to find someone else.

I mentioned earlier this week that Spurs had unveiled a third strip which is brown. Well, Spurs has also released a new away strip which is aqua (see above)!

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12 thoughts on “Could This Be Tottenham’s Season?”

  1. If you’re from England, yes you are correct.

    But outside of England, the Premier League markets itself as the “English Premier League” (see proof here), and the acronym EPL is often used.

    The Gaffer

  2. Go Spurs! My wife and I enjoyed our trip to White Hart Lane immensely back in Jan. 04.

    My big concern for them, how are they going to find time for all of the midfielders? And can they balance Berbatov, Keane and Defoe without any major complaints?

  3. How many people who read this site are from “outside of England” I wonder?
    EPL just sounds S-O-O-O-O naff. Of course if you’re from outside of England you might not know what ‘naff’ means. All the best.


    P.s. How many ‘premier leagues’ are there outside England to confuse people?

  4. Yid,

    Eighty percent of the visitors to this web site are from the US, while 20 percent are from the UK.

    Other Premier Leagues outside England? I can think of a few. Scottish Premier League, the Premier Soccer League (South Africa), the Irish Premier League, etc, etc.

    The Gaffer

  5. i’m from norway. we only use PL here, but that’s because of our strong connection and feelings toward british culture since WW2. I can easily understand the acronym EPL and its cause, though.

  6. Err this was meant to be an article about our chances this season not about PL or EPL!

    Personally I think that we have a great chance of finishing top 4 – if we strengthen on the left then fine otherwise until we do I can see a Lennon on the left and Routledge on the right working. Lennon often played on the left last season and frightened the shite out of those right-backs. If it works it will be a sensation

  7. For donkeys years the Scottish Premier League has been known in the U.K. as ‘The SPL’ so it doesn’t take much imagination to realise what EPL stands for does it? I personally have more trouble with calling the sport ‘soccer’ rather than what it really is….football!
    Gaffer, it may be time for a change – even the Aussies at Fox Sports now list the category of football not soccer as previously, have a look at their website!

  8. I think weve a real chance of breaking the big four this season with the sale of Carrick weve an oppurtunity to push on £18 million could buy some real quality left wing and right back plus back up for berbatov! Dont think Downing and Chimbonda are the answer though maybe wesley sneider Jols a big fan of his!

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