Where Have All the Rodney Marsh’s Gone?


Premiership Countdown: 17 Days to Go.

One of my complaints about the modern game, and the Premiership, is the lack of characters in the sport. Now that Roy Keane and Alan Shearer have retired, what other Premiership stars can you name that are English and are unique characters? Seriously, I’m hard pressed to name a single one.

Unfortunately I wasn’t old enough to see him play, but Rodney Marsh was a quintessential character in the same mould as George Best and Ray Hudson. Whether you’re a fan of Marsh or not, you have to read this fantastic article in the Times newspaper that gives a glimpse into what it used to be like being a footballer in England and America during the 1970s.

The former Fulham, QPR and Tampa Bay Rowdies player now works with Talk Sport Radio, which can be heard live on the Internet at http://www.talksport.net (it’s also a fantastic site to follow the Premiership during the season).

2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Rodney Marsh’s Gone?”

  1. The United States a suitably artificial epitaph indeed! Revealing that he still doesn’t regret the Toon Army joke, so Tawkspout go and employ him to come out with them ‘priceless’ insights. Effing idiot!

  2. Well rooney is cetainly auditioning, add bellamy, and who was it who wore a polive bracelet around his ankle duiring matches? defoe? i cant remember. beckhams been quite the character over the past decade. a bit different but still a character.

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