Best Way to Experience the Chelsea v MLS All-Stars Match



We’re just three days away from the MLS All Star match against Chelsea, and the excitement is reaching a fever pitch. The fantastic news is that EPL Talk will have a correspondent making a trek to Chicago to report on the event. His name is Christopher Schachter, a TV industry veteran from New York and a massive soccer fan.

Chris will be arriving in Chicago on Friday equipped with his press credentials for the match, and thanks to the power of technology, he’ll be snapping pictures of his experiences. You’ll be able to see his pictures the minute he sends them in a real-time slideshow. To view the images, just go to the EPL Talk homepage on Friday and Saturday at and click on the camera icon near the center of the page (under the Premiership results).

If you’re going to Chicago, keep an eye out for Chris who will also be handing out EPL Talk T-shirts to die-hard fans.

Before and after the match, Chris will be conducting interviews on behalf of EPL Talk — and will be writing about what he learns on the EPL Talk Blog and in the next issue of the EPL Talk Magazine, due out around August 14th.

To enjoy unique coverage out of the Chelsea tour experience this weekend, watch ESPN and keep the other eye firmly planted on EPL Talk.

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