Brown Is The Color: Spurs Unveil New Third Kit


Premiership Countdown: 19 Days to Go. It’s been a busy weekend for Tottenham Hotspur. First, the Spurs impressively beat Inter Milan 2-1 in a friendly. Second, Michael Carrick joined Manchester United for 18.6 million pounds ($34.6 million). And third, Tottenham unveiled their new third strip. And it’s brown. Yes, as in milk chocolate.

Coventry City, in the 1970s, wore an away kit that was brown. But that was approximately 30 years ago. Now in fashionable 2006, Spurs has decided to wear the brown shirt as their designated away European kit. So depending on how they fair in the UEFA Cup, it’ll be interesting to see how long the kit lasts.

Interesting note: Although friendlies are largely meaningless, Spurs is undefeated during the pre-season after beating the following sides: Bordeaux (2-1), Nice (1-0), Celta Vigo (2-0), Birmingham City (2-0), Stevenage Borough (3-0) and Inter Milan (2-1). Next up are Borussia Dortmund and Real Sociedad.

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3 thoughts on “Brown Is The Color: Spurs Unveil New Third Kit”

  1. Yep havernt lost yet is always a good sign but with european football and the epl i feel we will be over striched this season and 6th place finish is the likely outcome which is still good too many first year epl players for my liking my prediction slow start then will get on a winning role late similar to everton last year pre season means nothing

  2. Spurs will beat all that cross them in europe and will finish above the A*se holes this season.

    We have a much better squad this season and with a proven goal scorer will finish clubs off, where as last season we never produced the killer instincts of Chelsea.

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