Setanta Sports Announces EPL Friendlies

setanta sports 600x391 Setanta Sports Announces EPL Friendlies

Setanta USA has announced that they’ll be televising the following pre-season friendlies live on their network, all featuring Premiership sides.

Saturday, July 29 11:30am ET:
Kaiserslautern v Liverpool

Monday, July 31 2pm ET:
Macclesfield Town vs Manchester United

Tuesday, August 1 2pm ET:
Grasshoppers of Zurich vs Liverpool

Friday, August 4 12:30pm ET:
Manchester United vs Porto

Saturday, August 5 3pm ET:
Ajax vs Manchester United

2 thoughts on “Setanta Sports Announces EPL Friendlies”

  1. I asked the same question to Setanta over the weekend, so I’ll post the answer on Monday when their offices open.

    The Gaffer

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