Premiership Countdown: 22 Days to Go


How soon will it be before you can watch Premiership matches over the Internet, legally? Imagine if you could watch your favorite side week-in, week-out. Or if you could pick and choose what matches you want to see instead of only seeing what’s on TV.

That time will come. How soon, it’s hard to say. But right now, Setanta Broadband is offering many of its matches over the Internet with their service. For those of you have been reading the back issues of EPL Talk Magazine and this EPL Talk Blog, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of watching football matches on broadband.

Here are some of the highlights of Setanta Broadband over the next few days:

Saturday, July 29; 11:30am ET:
Kaiserslautern v Liverpool

Tuesday, August 1; 11:00am ET:
Grasshoppers Zurich v Liverpool

I’m not clear who owns the Internet rights to show the EPL on broadband, but I do know that Fox Soccer Channel is looking into showing material from their web site.

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