Money MLS Could Use


The Associated Press is reporting that Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner is interested in purchasing EPL club Aston Villa for its asking price of over $105 million (U.S.).

The 44-year old Lerner is another in a long line of current or former NFL owners that has invested in soccer. Unfortunately, not since Lamar Hunt and Robert Kraft has that money been invested in American soccer. The brass of MLS should be embarrassed that they are unable (or unwilling) to court owners of other sports franchises to invest in the vision of soccer in this country. Clearly, while the single-entity structure (controlling all player contracts and allocating players) has initially been good for stability in the league, some modification must be made for the league to grow.

My feeling is that Red Bull NY will eventually shatter the glass ceiling but unfortunately, in this case, it will be $100 million dollars too late.


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