Premiership Countdown: 26 Days to Go


The Times newspaper today published an exhaustive and fascinating discovery of who is the greatest football team of all time in England.

The statisticians at the newspaper calculated every game played since the 1888-1889 season all of the way up to the end of last season — some 80,000 games in total. To read how they approached this fascinating project, read this article first.

The top 31 teams are shown here (and pictured right), while teams 32-62 can be found here.

Their findings? Liverpool are the greatest team in the history of English league football. Read why here, and discover why Chelsea is number 14 while teams like Huddersfield Town and Burnley are above them.

You can also read their findings about Arsenal, and Manchester United.

Plus the statisticians have even calculated the greatest attacking sides of all time, and the top defences.

The exhaustive analysis, which must have taken up several pages in today’s edition of The Times, also discusses Everton’s position and how Leeds United ended above them in this table.

More analysis from The Times:

Great stuff. Now if you’re a Liverpool fan, you can safely say that your club is the greatest in history…

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